Briggs & Stratton® Elite Series™ Water Pumps have been designed to handle a variety of jobs from the transfer of water to irrigation for farmland use. Operating outside of the home our water pumps can help to easily clean gutters, irrigate gardens and empty flooded basements.

Flow Rate*Water Pressure*EngineInlet/Outlet diameter
435 L/min2.69 BarsBriggs & Stratton® 127cc2" / 50mm
Flow Rate*Water Pressure*EngineInlet/Outlet diameter
600 L/min2.44 BarsINTEK I/C® 205cc2" / 50mm
Flow Rate*Water Pressure*EngineInlet/Outlet diameter
930 L/min2.37 BarsINTEK I/C® 205cc3" / 76mm

Over 100 years of innovation influences the way we craft our expertly engineered water pumps. Whether you need draining or filling for a home or commercial project, Briggs & Stratton® Water Pumps are always by your side in many different, adaptable forms. Flooded basements are a thing of the past; irrigation is simplified; gutters need never be clogged again. Our quality and attention to detail flows through our Elite Series™ of water pumps.

The trusted brand.

When you depend on power to get your work done,  it is important that your tools don’t let you down. This is why our water pumps’ reliability has been engineered to give peak performance at all times. Quality Briggs & Stratton® INTEK I/C® engine performance is second to none, giving you a pump that is long running and easy to start, while requiring very little maintenance.

Dependable and powerful.

Designed for life.

Stability when and where you need it is something we provide with our robust water pumps. With rubber feet for low vibration, a double ball bearing system for longer life and a robust steel frame protecting the powerful Briggs & Stratton® Engine, we are pioneers in building rock solid and durable water pumps.

Moving water quickly.

All our water pumps excel in the ability to discharge a large amount of water to a maximum height head lift  of 33 metres from a vertical suction lift of 8 metres.  This performance guarantees you get the job done  faster and more efficiently.

We reserve the right to improve our products and make changes in specifications, designs and standard equipment without notice and without incurring obligations. Product may vary from images shown.